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Our nature-led creative consultancy and expertise services has led us to collaborate with nature-loving clients who believe in letting us do what we do best at Within– by going wild at conceptualising and creating nature-inspired workshops, education programmes, art residencies, creative retreats, commissioned artworks, limited- edition design prints, editorial services and exhibitions. Set up in 2016 by artist and educator, Lucinda Law, Within has since worked and collaborated with over 40 esteemed brands and companies such as Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Leica, Chanel, Ecosperity, Mandai Park Holdings and more.

We’ve connected people to the wonders of biodiversity, nourishing beauty and creativity of nature with over 200 botanical art workshops and large-scale corporate commissions seen by thousands of people in public spaces such as National Gallery Singapore and Changi Airport in formats such as digital projection to wallpaper hoardings. Our designs have also been turned into limited edition merchandises with brands such as Banyan Tree and Lux.

We tell the endearing stories and narratives of nature with our signature style of art-creation that puts nature, beauty and well-being at the heart centre in all that we do. We look forward to creating captivating nature-themed works and experiences to bring out your message and mission towards nature.

What We Do


Rely on our nature-led creative expertise and knowledge gather from a consultant team of artists, designers, botanist, creative director, content strategists, writers, technologists, marketing director and landscape designer to customise captivating nature-themed works and experiences for you. Our services go beyond our signature botanical illustrations. We provide end-to-end solutions from botanical brainstorming to mixed reality installations, from conceptualising to ideating, and creative suggestions to instagrammable creations.  We are open to broadening the scope of services depending on a client’s brief.

We understand that we are living in the era of digitalisation and hence, we want  Mother Nature’s aura to extend to the digital world too. In fact, if anything, the digital screens and products we all love so much, ardently need some nature. At Within, we design vibrant botanical illustrations and prints that can be applied in various formats.

We conceptualise, design and create corporate gifts tailor-made for special events for clients. With a hint of nature and a personalised touch, these gifts are more than your usual giveaways. We have created corporate gifts for Asean Summit and Ecosperity conferences. Immersive storytelling that pair illustration and text is one of our favourite ways to get a brand message across. We ideate, develop content and add context to projects like we did for Mandai Park Holdings and Issey Miyake. This helps us create awareness about the brand that we are working with and also allows us to start dialogues where people bond over their adoration and admiration for art and nature.


Come, see and feel Mother Nature through our creative retreats, workshops, exhibitions, festivals and events, specially curated for our guests. Painting and creating nature-inspired art is the soul of Within. Our work very often ranges between analog and digital realms and can be experienced at public spaces at the arrival halls of Changi Airport Terminal 1 and digital art projections on the facade of National Gallery Singapore.

We’ve also been commissioned to create intimate botanical watercolour paintings for Hilton to large-scale mixed-media art installation  of hand-painted murals and paintings for Shiseido Global Office. Lucinda exhibited her botanical expeditions in collaborations with the Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens, at The Ironwood Gallery in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which was attended by nature patrons, art enthusiasts, scientists and creatives in November 2018. Most recently, Lucinda exhibited at ArtScience Museum in March 2019. Her watercolour artwork and digital paintings featuring AR expressions that were based on her art residency with the environmental Scientist at Batu Batu private island resort and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Goals of Well-Being.

Under Lucinda’s stewardship, Within presents nature paired with old world charm and striking modernity with lots of heart and reverence. There are so many nature stories that we will love to bring to life which connect an audience of all ages and cultural backgrounds together in an interconnectedness of shared love for arts and the artistry of nature.