Creative Momentum: Springing into action for what brings joy to your heart.

I’ve been observing, reading and learning about the habits of creatives and I’m astounded by this force I refer to as creative momentum. You know that feeling, those bursts of inspirations or rock steady intuition that nudges you to introduce new goals and ways of being in your life that brings you more joy. If you feel a gradual inertia sets in over time,  remember this- where focus goes, energy follows. So has always guided to ask myself, what action am I taking today to create what I like to see more of in my life?

It’s March and as I’m evaluating the goals I’ve set out for myself this year, I realised, in the last 18 months since I’ve started my creative studio Within and began painting, I’ve not updated my biography, updated our client list (from 0-47!) and all the work we’ve created and completed in our cycle of creative momentum. Encouraging and guiding people to develop creative confidence to find their own version of creative momentum is what I love to do, so I really hope to able to share my holistic art practice with you in the coming months ahead. My entire teaching calendar for 2018 is now out with new flexible class structures and packages. You’ll see that the new class schedules does not consist of weekly practice anymore since I’ll be working towards more exhibitions and commissions this year. For me, these dates that I’ve singled out are really precious time with you, so I look forward to welcoming you to my garden studio and share the love of nature, beauty and art.

Before you go and create your great work, here’s a snippet of how I spring into action and maintain my creative momentum.


Aloha and flower salutations to you!

I’m Lucinda, Singaporean botanical watercolour artist, writer/editor, educator and founding director of a nature-led creative studio called Within. You will see very quickly that everything I do revolves very much around my love of depicting and talking about the beauty of nature, helping others to develop a holistic creative lifestyle through my workshops and creative retreats, conceptualizing and creating botanical-led art and design projects and commissions from my clients and discovering nature-endowed travel destinations and properties to share with my audience.

*This is my service and passion. This anchors and drives every single moments of my life, especially through inertia, fears and procrastination.


Time to Get Lucky

I consider myself lucky to be able to spend my days, and hence invariably, my life centered around my passion of art, design, nature, travel and wellness while channeling my last 15 years of previous working experiences as a writer/editor, lecturer, speaker and artist into a whole new creative expression and business at Within.

* I’ve worked very diligently to be “lucky” in what I do and when the opportunities comes for me to rise up to what I want to achieve and who I want to work with, I work doubly diligently on it.


Go Within

In the last 18 months, I have grown my start-up from 0 to 47 clients comprising of corporate companies and lifestyle brands and over 8 private commissions. Within & Co is a nature-led creative studio started in 2016 where we do our work of art/design commissions and consultancy, educational programmes and creative retreats. I’m passionate about teaching and learning, so far I’ve innovated, write and conducted over 175 botanical art workshops, four botanical art courses, two overseas creative retreats in collaboration with Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens. We’ve also begin to exhibit  botanical art installations (one was attended by almost 2800 people in May 2017 and a new botanical art installation is coming up with Changi Airport Group in April 2018).

All this means that my team and I spent 10,423 minutes teaching and talking about the well-being and appreciation of art and nature. And also certainly the immeasurable rest of the other thousands of minutes spent researching, designing and improving new botanical-art workshops, courses and retreats in 2018 and 2019. Above all, you may also have noticed the dedicated human hours that goes into creating the detailed botanical illustrations, art commissions and design projects. Our clients lists are growing which in turns expands of portfolio of art and design works. Our students (which I always refers to them as guests) have also been expanding beyond Singapore. The course schedule for 2018 is up for booking right now. Soon, the details of our creative retreats to the cool montane rainforest of Chiang Mai, Thailand in Nov 2018 and the garden island of Kauai, Hawaii in Feb 2019, will be released. We only have spaces for 14 guests for these retreats respectively, so I hope if it resonates with you, you’ll embarked on this once-in-a lifetime immersive journey into the beauty of nature filled with creative rejuvenation, nourishment and wellness with me.

*I focus on this momentum and keep building the upon the work we do. I always ask myself what is the latest work I’ve done to add to my goals? You’re defined by what are the latest series of things you do, not what you say you do. If you’re singing, then you’re a singer. If you’re designing, then you’re a designer. If you had stopped, then you had been one before. Question to ask- so how do you gain the creative momentum back again?


My creative fitness and what drives me

What keeps me driven as a creative entrepreneur and in a peak state to live out a creative fulfilling vocation and lifestyle is my based on my core belief that the powerful combinative effects of nature and arts provide creative nourishment for us to deepen our connections with ourselves, people and the world. I love sharing, helping and connecting us to nature’s intrinsic ability to enhance our well-being, expand our creative potential and experience a deeper affinity with nature.

*This core belief is based on my direct experiences of connecting with nature and arts that has been transformative, healing and nourishing. Through this and also by listening to my intuition, I guided to know what my values and belief systems are to keep myself fit for this service and how to continue to pursue my passion.

I hope to share this with you through my works and classes, so let’s create something together soon.

May you light up within,


Your Creative Destiny for 2018

So just how many dates have you devised with your creative muses this year? My top resolutions for 2018 involves clear dating destiny with my creative muses- my loyal romantics who woos me to make sure that I create something daily. So here's what I've figured out we could all do more of this year:

1. Make those dates with your creative muses. Find that someone, "some plant", somewhere that makes you feel  'that was really quite something and I want to do that again". and begin to observe what you're creating in your life.  Creation= New inspirations, new thoughts, new action plans, new doings, new outcomes. 

2. Set an intention and show up. If it works out better than you had intended, chances it could get better with practice. (Optimism must be applied)

3. Live whatever brings out the magic within. Suddenly aware, this line sounds all too much like a T-shirt slogan for me, but hey, so much for wearing your heart on your sleeves. Here's another one: Follow your heart and make it happen.  

They say the first day of the year set how the rest of your year will be. Someone told me this on the first day of the new year and I really want to believe this because I started the first day of my new year with a beautiful beach sunrise (barefooted, waves lapping at feet) and ending the day with a fleeting rainbow + full moon + whales- spotting all within five minutes to pacific ocean-view sunset (sitting by rocking chair next to a fire pit with hot sweet chai). Being with nature like that is gold. So to up the ante, I turned to my best friends and tell them "I love you" and how I really appreciate their friendship and companionship.  General good mood  and aloha vibes prevailed, you could imagined, all the way with me, back to Singapore. Something I did made this happen– I made a decision that day and set my alarm clock to show up for the sunrise and sunset. 

I like this way of working. Show up, listen, watch, be mindful, be lovely, be lively, be spontaneous and create something good together. 

I came back to see the fruition of BIG exciting design projects that WITHIN has created with our clients launching in January! I really hope you'll check them all out! 

20-22 Jan, Light to Night Festival 2018: Catch two of Within's botanical graphics (illustrated by me and designed by our amazing multi-talented graphic designer/arts manager, Eleanor) project-mapped onto the Singapore's Supreme Court's and Victoria Concert Hall facades. Titled "Tropical Takeover: Restore' and "Tropical Takeover: Beauty". I did my MAFA on installation art and projection mapping of text-scapes, so I'm excited to come back a full circle, and have my botanical illustrations project-mapped onto these icons of Singapore. 

Mid-Jan 2018, Changi Airport Group: 20m installation wall art of botanical illustrations specially commissioned by CAG. I wanted to feature a landscape of tropical plants found in the airport terminals. (I met the horticulture team and toured all the gardens, you might have saw snippets of it in my IG stories in August 2017! I'll write a behind-the-scenes story of the creative process). Spot this wall and zoomed in on the eight 1m x 1m framed artworks in Terminal 2. 

3 FEB 2018: Botanical Art & Photography Workshop by Lucinda Law in collaboration with Leica: I owned my first leica ten years ago and I can't wait to share my plant hunting and photography tips with you where we'll get to use the newly-launched Leica CL. We;'ll then translate the photographs to paintings. first workshop at my favourite 'classroom'- Terrace at Pollen restaurant. See link below to book a seat. 

FULLY-BOOKED. Jan/Feb 4-Week Course: Botanical & Flora Art In Watercolour & Mixed Media Weekend Workshop. The first course I'm conducting for the year is full, so the dates and booking link for the second course is now live.

*New 17 March, 31, 7 and 14 April 2018 - Saturdays. So see link below and start booking. 12 seats only. 

25 Jan 2018 Live-illustrations for Bentley GT in collaborations with UOB bank: My first live illustrations event for 2018 starts with Bentley! It's my second time working with Bentley, I illustrated the Bentley Bentayga for its launch in May 2016. I love cars and can't wait to be illustrating this ultra-glamourous car at this upcoming VIP event. 

RISIS Feb Lunar New Year cards: Within created a set of three lunar new year card designs featuring my illustrations for orchids specialist, Risis. In July 2016, I painted six large-format painting from the 40th anniversary of Risis, so we know most of their orchids inside out. A great pleasure to be working with their orchids again! 

2 Feb Business Times feature: My illustrations on native plants of Singapore and Malaysia will be featured on BT for their colouring page. Look out for it as we'll be creating a special appendix to accompany this illustrations. 

"Art of Nature" Creative Retreats 2018 & 2019. So many of you have been writing in to ask me about the upcoming dates and venues of my upcoming creative retreats and I'm really touched, thank you and I've been working on it so very hard. We almost have the dates ready, so hang in there. In the meantime, please drop us an email  with the title, "Let's date!". So we'll include you in our news updates and frankly, we actually welcome the pressure for us to speed up our announcement! 

WITHIN's Lunar new year red packets coming to you: by mid-Feb: I can't wait to send you our red packets soon! All our guests who signed up for our courses and creative retreats, and all our clients receives these limited editions red packets for us every year! Last year, we gave out 500 of these red packets featuring my pineapple illustrations, this year, we hope to give out even more. They're not available for sale. In order to get them, let us create beautiful things together!

See the projects in images and in-depth descriptions here: Jan/Feb press release 2018

MORE exciting news and projects to be announced soon. 

I look forward to meeting you and to wish you a happy prolific creative year ahead. See you soon. 

May you light up within,