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8 Dec: Botanical & Flora Art In Watercolour & Mixed Media Weekend Workshops With Lucinda Law

Immerse yourself in one of the most popular and experiential botanical art workshops in town lead by botanical artist, Lucinda Law, at the garden terrace of Pollen Restaurant, at Gardens By the Bay. Spend your morning creating art and exploring nature in the verdant ambience of the 21-degrees celsius conservatory in the Flower Dome with gorgeous view of the Marina Bayfront. The workshop comes with a guided tour by Lucinda and delectable refreshments by POLLEN set. Ideal of beginners and all levels of art practitioners who wish to cultivate a joyful art practice using watercolour and mixed media techniques and deepen the appreciation of nature.

This exclusive 2.5 hour botanical art workshop is inclusive of:

• Workshop fees

• Use of workshop materials

• Free entry to the Flower Dome

• Guided tour of the Flower Dome by Lucinda before the class

• POLLEN breakfast set of pastry & a choice of beverage

Through a series of demonstrations and one-on-one guidance, you will learn an invaluable range of painting skills and tips to gain confidence over your own practice for long-term practice:

  • Wet-in-Wet: Learn about ultimate guide to water ratio and timing.

  • How to achieve an attractive mix and blend of colours without it turning murky or chalky.

  • How to maintain the translucency and vibrancy of watercolours

  • Common troubleshooting tips

  • Colour Blending: how to achieve a smooth blend of gradual colours

  • Wet-on-dry: We simplify the essential steps to the dry brush techniques which often cited to be difficult and challenging.

  • Tips, drills and practice to achieve details and definitions in your work

  • Combination of painting techniques: why, how, when to use them for what effects?

  • Adapting the techniques and find your own styles.

  • Overcome your fears of colour mixing: how to unlock the magic combination of your colours in your palette.

  • Introduce to new 'must-have' colours for your palette and how to combine them.

  • How to paint challenging colours such as whites, black and yellow flora.

We provide an in-depth and consistent art practice sessions for our students to further enhance their understanding and delve into their love for the world of botanical art and nature through our 4, 8 or 12 botanical art course in 2019.

4-Class Package $550

8-Class Package $995

12-Class Package $1380

For other workshops, course, small-group or corporate workshops and overseas creative retreats, write to us at for enquiries.

I look forward to welcoming you to share the love of nature, beauty and art in our creative date together.