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Botanical Watercolour Mixed Media Workshop with Lucinda Law x DIPTYQUE

Here’s your chance to experience a creative botanical art workshop taught by Lucinda Law that is filled with scented treats and delectable refreshments from legendary Parisian perfume house, Diptyque.

Lucinda will teach you how to awaken your imagination with scents using synaesthesia explorations to create your own scented ‘garden’ illustrations.

Be inspired by the olfactory narratives found in Diptyque’s perfume- all of their perfume come with illustrations and storries that are created in pen line art by one of their founders. This sensory workshops is inspired by Diptyque’s latest collection, Garden of Hesperides II. In Greek mythology, the Hesperides were the nymph guardians of a garden with precious “golden apples” and citrus fruits, so expected to be in a really good mood as you’ll be surrounded by fresh and zesty perfumes and candles such as orange blossoms, neroli, yuzu and more.

You’ll get to’ blend’ the gorgeous smells from the perfumes and candles to create a piece of work to bring home. Besides completing a watercolour line art piece of artwork, you’ll also get to bring home a deluxe set of Diptyque’s latest collection, Garden of Hesperides I & II. What a botanical luxurious botanical treat! We look forward to spending an afternoon with you energised by the creative power of botanical and art!

10% of the sales proceeds of the workshop will be donated to Singapore Association of Women Lawyers (SAWL) which is the adopted charity group by Lucinda Law as part of her ambassadorship for Diptyque.