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“ART, SCIENCE & BEAUTY OF NATURE” 2-Day Plant Taxonomy & Art Course By Lucinda Law & Bian Tan at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

“ART, SCIENCE & BEAUTY OF NATURE” 2-day Plant Taxonomy & Botanical Art Course

By Lucinda Law & Bian Tan at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Specially crafted for nature lovers and botanical art enthusiasts, this two-day plant taxonomy-meets-art course on 29 and 30 September weekend is helmed by botanical artist Lucinda Law of Within Studio and botanist/naturalist Bian Tan who will take you on a full immersion of nature and delve into the world of plant taxonomy and botanical art. You’ll learn to identify and draw native and exotic plants at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Lucinda, botanical artist and Bian who is a trained botanist. This powerful combination of art and science approach will enrich your experience of the botanical world and empower you to draw what you see and observe nature in a way that will get you see nature like never before.

Join this course to gain knowledge of an intimate blend of ART, SCIENCE & BEAUTY of NATURE.

When we first take a close look at plants, it is often a daunting task to make sense of the green tangle that confronts our observing eye. Let Bian assist you to get a handle on what you are seeing and drawing, by breaking down plants into their basic component parts. Through live plant samples that you dissect and examine in the classroom, Bian will guide you to:

  •  Know the basic morphological terms associated with stems, leaves, buds, flower shapes, and flower parts
  • Become confident in identifying leaf arrangement: opposite, alternate, or spiral; and simple vs. compound leaves
  • Survey the amazing diversity of leaf, stem, and flower forms in tropical plants
  • Know what you are drawing, and become aware of its function, be it the pixie-eared stipules of the Sindora tree, or the brightly coloured stamens of the powder-puff flower.

Through a series of demonstrations and one-on-one guidance by Lucinda, you will learn botanical illustration skills and plant photography to enhance your experience in nature.

  • Pen work: Learn the four techniques of line art illustrations using ink.
  • How to achieve tones in your illustrations
  • How to document: photography and field studies.
  • Shapes and composition
  • Nature drawings and nature sketch studies using a pencil, pen and watercolour pencils. (Watercolour Pencils will be provided)

Date: 29 & 30 September, 2018, Saturday & Sunday

Time: 10am to 4.30pm on both days

Venue: Within Studio (Little India) & Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569

Price: S$450, includes:

- Two-day Course of Plant Taxonomy and Art led by botanist/ naturalist Bian Tan and Botanical Artist Lucinda Law

- Provision of all notes and art materials

- Light lunch on both days

- Field Trips and transport to Singapore Botanic Gardens (this is a rain or shine event)


Your instructors:


As South East Asia Programme Coordinator for Botanic Gardens Conservation International (, Bian Tan holds an MSc. in Plant Taxonomy and assisted Southeast Asian botanical institutions with rare plant conservation, environmental education, and staff capacity building. As Living Collections Manager at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, he curated the living collections and pioneered the development of the South East Asian Cloud Forest collection through collaborations and joint expeditions with institutions in Southeast Asia. Bian spent nearly 20 years in the USA, and is currently based in Singapore, where he leads nature and heritage tours and teaches classes on botany, plant identification, and other nature-related topics.

Lucinda Law, a botanical artist and educator who holds a MA in Fine Arts and has received training for intermediate botanical illustrations at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, UK. She has collaborated with Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens in Chiang Mai and has taught botanical illustrations to the staff of Cibodas Botanics Gardens. In this course, she will teach participants how to draw the anatomy of plants and create botanical observational sketches and line art in pen and watercolour pencils. She is the founding director of nature-led creative studio, Within and has worked on numerous botanical commissions for clients such as Mandai Park Holdings, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Chanel, Aesop, Diptyque, etc. Sh i the first artist to e appointed the Art & Graphic Ambassador for Faber-Castell Singapore and has more than 13 years of experience as a lecturer in arts and design field. Her most recent botanical artworks can be seen on the wallpaper of the arrival halls of Changi Airport Terminal 1. See

We look forward to sharing the joys of the botanical world with you.

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