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Singapore Weekly Playlisty #74: Lucinda Law

My playlists are always dedicated to my muses. It's very romantic because I see the element of romance with Mother Nature. I listen out for the best way to dream up a concept and immerse myself in long hours of botanical watercolour painting. hat takes a lot of focus and patience since you cannot rush the work, so I can easily spend three to eight hours of painting in one sitting. I love stirring, seductive momentum, that is also lyrical and cinematic. In terms of musical genres, I prefer chill wave, instrumental hip-hop, classical, jazz, cinematic soundtracks and Indian carnatic music which accompany me when I paint. But when it rains, I would happily switch off my music — I prefer the sound of rain the most. 

Down for you by Ta-ku is a song that just gets me in a mood to start something. I love the gentle, sensual persuasion from the beats and lyrical magic of Alina Baraz. Barcelona by River Tiber is one of my all-time favourites. I was painting six A1-sized commissioned botanical watercolour paintings for eight to 10 hours every day and night for three weeks, and when this song came on at 2am on my discovery weekly playlist one night, it gave me the chills and the drive to finish my paintings. Peter Broderick's A Snowflake takes me to many places and I form many narratives whenever I listen to this — I only wish the song was longer. When Dream Koala sings Hipster Girl, he gives me an image of something blooming beautifully, whether it be a person, a colour of a plant or flower. I love what I do, so when I hear Love Is Here To Stay by Blossom Dearie, it reminds me to take a break. I get up, stretch, have a cup of tea and check on the plants in the garden.

Listen: https://open.spotify.com/embed/user/buro247singapore/playlist/7cEuL7Y2sTjsMg0Y8Xs7w3


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